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May 31, 2006



i seem to remember standing by those transparencies with you at cha.
that's all i am going to say about that. ;)
speaking of cha, are you going to chicago?
love the layouts.
i really should make some pages.
but i can't until i unbury my desk.


i am glad to hear that sil and baby Z are well. :)
I love the lo's and I agree with the pt.
I pt Synai while on vacation last week and that was on a ship
she did great ans still going strong
so I am in the no more diapers club too!


Love the layouts! I have had a horrible time potty training my daughter and I did use pullups. I think you are right in that they don't work!! She would just go in them, no big deal. Well now she is in underwear she will still have one or two accidents a day, but be dry all night long! It is so frustrating!!

lauren wolf

huge fan of your blog and scrapbook pages! i have to ask where did you get the elephant pattern paper? I love it! It's adorable. As well as the super way cool transparency - maybe by kellicrowe? Thanks for the potty training advice. My son is too young right now to potty train, but I am always looking for good advice. Prayers for your sister and niece. thank you, lauren


I love the photos and the pages! Thanks for the PT advice. I am so terrified to actually do that because I'm afraid I will have tons of mess to clean up. We're doing pretty well with #1 it's #2 that isn't going so well. And we'll still keep praying for Zoey and her Mama that things will continue to go smoothly.


Wonderful layouts!

Kimber-Leigh D.

Oh yeah...I like cherry lollipops LOL

Kimber-Leigh D.

Thanks for your advice...Hadleigh has been "day-trained" for the last few months but I've been nervous to take her out of pullups at night. I'm now inspired to try out your advice...we'll see how it goes!

Could the transparency be by kellicrowe? It is SO great! Where did you find it???

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