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January 09, 2007



ooh! have you tried kolo.com?


your album looks soooo cute! AND just think how much time I spent on EVERYBODY's TITLE for that darn album! ;) HAHAHAHA Just kidding! *HUGS!*
oh and my digital preview was just FOR YOU. It's coming...really!!!


It pays to lurk on people's blogs -- I saw the picture and all I could think was ...I...must...have...that...bird...stamp... Well, I have it now -- thanks for the heads up!


Got em. Thanks!! So excited about this awesome find :)

Jennifer H

I went to my JoAnn's here in Florida and they didn't have them. I was so bummed. I can only hope they get them. For now I am seriously jealous:):)


It's not a shopping crisis yet...they are the same as the ones Autumn Leaves sells in the big sets for $14.99. They have them at Archiver's too! 8*)

Did I ever thank you for the gingerbread recipe you sent? I hurt my paw over the holidays, but bowled my highest scoring game EVER (we won't go into details, but the number was quite high in my little world, no one else's) so it's all good!


now I'm really sad that they closed our joanns! kelli, i haven't bought a leather bound album but i have ordered two of the satin-finish from shutterfly as gifts and i have been very pleased with them!

Jann Saulsberry

I found these late last night and went back this morning...can you believe they were $1?!?!?!? Realized that I just had to have more than the three that I allowed myself last night! Don't know what I have done to think I deserve them....but -- I still treated myself. Way to go on the Christmas project...you are awesome!


We definitely need a "have to have" hotline.
When one sees it she makes a call and then that person makes a call, etc...
Kind of like a prayer chain!
We can't miss out on these finds anymore!
See you next month!


this is so cool!!
we have to go to Joann's with the quickness. :)

Amber Ulmer

Uber cuteness KelliDarr!! Love the book and presh stamps! Love the birdy!! ttfn xoxo


LOL...did you drag those poor kids to Joann's after you left the mall? I have to go out shopping again tomorrow because I forgot to buy Brian some pants. That's why I am up late doing laundry. Thanks for meeting us today. After you guys walked off, K was asking, "Where'd they go?" And you know, I probably should take her there everyday. I got a pretty good workout chasing her down.


See now this kind of thing stresses me out. I must go there first thing in the morning. But right now I am worried that I missed the boat on this one. A minute ago I was happy and fine now I am stressed! LOL They are really CUTE.

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