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May 23, 2007



JJ is so beautiful!! I love this picture because it sooooooo captures her golden spirit :)

Ronda P

She is seriously beautiful & amazing.


That is the best pic I have ever seen of her.
I wanna a copy!!!!

Jann Saulsberry

Yes...she does rock....and yes it is impossible to take a bad picture of her....and YES...the SIS stuff is awesome...love what you all are doing.

Now...that all being said. I lub YOU TOO! Miss you terribly. Can we play soon"?


She ROCKS big time Kelli...
I'm already addicted to her baby LOL


Aunt Traci

What a beautiful picture! I lub Jeanette, too. I know I don't know her personally, but I figure if she's so lubbed by you, she must be a person that I should lub, too. I would like to meet her one day. Let's get on that, shall we?

Ummmm...can you believe your lil' niece is gonna be 1 in a few days? I can hardly believe it. Yikes.

Love you all!


it is awesome!!
love the pic of JJ!! :)


It is rockin! And what a fab picture of Jeanette!!!

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