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October 26, 2005



ActivLab Whey Protein 70 is a high protein containing the request of the highest supremacy whey protein consolidate and carbohydrates (mono-and polysaccharides). Additionally enriched with creatine, taurine, lecithin, lactase, vitamins and minerals.
Creatine increases the energy oeuvre (ATP), stimulates the growth of muscles, enhances the persistence of muscle contraction and increases the hydration of muscle cells. It has strong anti-catabolic properties, significantly accelerates gain time.
Taurine transports creatine into muscle, causing its more clobber point, and also accelerates the wen of muscle cells.
Lecithin is a roots of choline and inositol - metabolic activators.
Lactase is an enzyme decomposing lactose (wring sugar), lactose sexism prevents and facilitates the digestion of milk.
Vitamins and minerals are necessary for natural metabolism in the body.
The artifact is recommended for all who lack to quickly and effectively spread their muscle batch and strength, and also with too much true diligence as well as supporting recreational and competitive training.


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how many time i do not do what i want to do but do what i dont want to do


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Too cute, gal! See, I'm stalking you today...I can only stalk one kelli per day, thank you very much, and today is your day! 8*)


i am clearing the shed.
i was suppossed to get my teeth cleaned and go to the chiropractor - but the afternoon at my fave store sounds better!
Jeanette -is the creative director for Mops?
I like here more and more
AND - you got a root canal?
Did i miss that memo?
Need to question the assistant...


So cute! My sense of nosiness likes daily updates, too. Hmmm, maybe that isn't nosiness, it just means I need to get a life!


Apparently the photographer of these cork boards has had toooooo much caffeine. I promise in real life they are straight!

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