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March 11, 2007



Will you tell us already? It's Tuesday! I know what part of the news is. Is the other part of the new the fact that you and JJ are going to be taking a road trip with fabulous Hollye?


I love fun news!
Hoping that JJ's show is on prime time!


Ooohhh!!! I can't WAIT to be a part of that big news!!! : )

Maybe I'll go give a teaser of my own... ; )



I love exciting news! Can't wait to hear it! I thought maybe you had left on vacation or something! I have a little inkling what it might be! (No, I'm not thinkin' preggo!)


CAN'T WAIT. Love the planner. Must share!!

Audrey Bianco

Superstar---love your new banner---those tins are just sooooo cute!


uhm, i am worried...you said sign(s) as in plural...as in are you selling your house and your lot and leaving us? because if so, that is NOT exciting stuffs in my book!
i am hoping since you put that planner on your blog that your announcement involves jeannette's show.
oh how i wish i was going to scrap etc and getting to hang out with you guys this weekend!!!


Iam a tad bit jealous. I told Brian last night about all the neat stuff and he told me to give up that it wasn't going to happen. :(

Can wait to see you this week!


I'm looking forward to it!

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