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June 11, 2007


Aunt Traci

Can you please hurry up and get here already? Next weekend can't come fast enough. Could you please put some pictures on here of my nephew? I'm talking cutie patootie ones like Allie's. I forgot what he looks like.

Love you all and I'm so excited for your arrival, I can't sleep!


happy swimmy! :D

Kathy W

What a sweet picture!


Kelli...you take the BEST pictures. Seriously.

michelle woods

My boys have LOVED their lessons. Peyton's were last week and he swam the entire length of the pool solo! Very proud. Dalton is going this week and is trying very hard to do as well as Peyton did. Good to see you post!

Aunt Traci

It was good chatting w/ ya this AM. I am soooo excited for you guys to get here in just a few short weeks!

Funny you should mention the swimming thing...I am going to sign Zoey up for "Mommy and Me" classes next week. She LOVES baths, so I hope that transfers into the pool! Plus, I get to wear my maternity swimsuit again since I didn't get much wear out of it during the last pregnancy!

My niece looks as precious as ever! Give the kiddos tons of lovin' from us.


what a precious little expression!

today was day 2 of swimming for us...and Miss H sounds just like Miss A did...hopefully she'll enjoy it too in the next few days!


She's just gorgeous, Kelli.

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