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August 07, 2007



great photos and great blog!

Dana Beckman

Hey! Just thought I would stop by and say hello...
Your daughter is beautiful - love the B&W's...
We miss your smiling face on this end of town! And who is going to save my life if I get sick again??!!


Thanks for the heads up on those containers. Just got some today and they work great for foam stamps, like you said!

Were you able to find the KI stuff at Big Lots? Sorry if you weren't, I feel bad telling you if they did not have them. :(

Cute pics, too!

Jann Saulsberry

I am going to have to find me a target....you have me convinced I HAVE to have these! You know all you have to do is speak...and I run -- not walk -- to the suggested place and partake! (well -- most times) You have such brilliant ideas...I can't help myself.

Hope you are ready to have a great weekend.

Love ya -- Jann

old uncle Randy

Gayle told me to look and check out the dance pictures on your blog it so cool how we can see whats happening in your daliy lives and Im truely thankful for the heads up from sis she looks betuiful and i hope she has a blast and enjoys danceing and thank you for all the hard work you do with your blog it helps me to be apart of your lives from far away miss you all big hug and kisses all my love time for a family group hug YEA HAAAA Randy :-))))


Oh my goodness is she precious or what. I sure wished I lived closer so I could watch her - hope she'll have lessons when I'm there! SOSOOSOS glad you are blogging again - gotta catch up on Darr life someway!


that first picture is JUST precious...she looks so graceful...Hadleigh likes to randomly do arabesques around the house...and her exposure to ballet would be Angelina Ballerina :)

Emily Szettella

Does this mean you are back?!?!
Here are multiple posts in a WEEK! and a overhaul to the "look" of the site!

GORGEOUS pictures! I really love how she stands out from the rest of the group in her black leotard, skirt and tights! Probably not planned(?) but oh so cool! I think shopping for cute outfits would be equally exciting too! :)


Kelli, those are GORGEOUS pictures. What a precious picture she'll have to look back on of her first dance class.

We thought about enrolling Lydia in dance, but she's so rough and tumble we were thinking soccer might be the better choice for her energy! Ha!

MIchelle W

I am so happy you are blogging again! The dance pictures are so sweet.

Chelle Greene

OOOOOH! I MUST have those containers!!! MUST!! I hope they have them at my Target tomorrow morning!


sara b

Thanks for the heads up. I have been trying to come up with a better system so I can see what I have!! Love dance pictures, too cute :)

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