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August 17, 2007


Mike 18

Thank GOD, You found out something, that this world realy need. http://mike18movies.ifrance.com/



Here's my scrap space. Although, now it's been relocated to another room - it's pretty much the same. I love my clear containers. I love to be able to SEE everything. I love that it's all mine!


Okay I will try to post mine although I know you've seen it already!!!!
So many beautiful rooms here.


I am LOL...I have those exact aqua containers in my new scrap space!! I snagged them from HomeGoods right after Christmas and stashed them in my closet until my new room was completed last month...even painting my room to match the lids. How funny is that?

Here's a couple of links to my scrap space photos....




I'll definitely be checking out everyone's links. I just love to get new ideas and see how everyone works.


Okay, here are 2 links to my scrapspace stash:

Jann Saulsberry

It is so good to see other people's scrapping space...they use things so creatively -- and some inspire me becauase they don't have a designated place -- and still they manage to create some of the most =beautiful art I have ever seen...

I know that my Scrappy Space...is a source of joy for me. It is filled with repurposed items....some have belonged to my Jammy Jane (grandmother) and they bring be peace to work with them near me. Others are just taking soemthing that I have a figuring out a way to use it to store or display things that I need to have near me. It is coming togethe...obviously is not there yet --but making progress.

Thanks for looking...you can see several pictures of it at: http://www.scrapinstyletv.com/portfolio/view_album.php?album_id=1126

kelli smith

ok have to say I love this room, It is so clean, organized and everything I want my room to be like someday


I LOVE that Clipitup!! So cool and functional. Miss you in real life!! You are so fun to hang out with. Happy weekend. =)


I love this studio: http://kellylautenbach.typepad.com/photos/studioooooooohhhhhh/index.html

Hopefully "one day" soon my scrap space will be finished :) And I'm so glad you got the clip-it-up! Brent and I just finished making a version of it...all that's left is to find a finial to finish it off that actually fits the post we used...therein lies the challenge :)

Dale Anne

My studio is a mess.....working on that - alittle everyday!
One that inspires me is Amy Mowbray's here:


mmmm it doesnt works , a little try .

greetings roos


wow what a beautiful rooms .

i`ve got also one , but not so pretty as the other lady`s , i must share my little room with my washingmachine , dryer and laundry , but i`m happy with it .

here is my scraptable :

and my scrapstuff :

and sometime`s i sitting downstears on my kitchentable .

greetings Roos


My scrap space is no more. :-( I just put everything in my travel totes now. Just trying to reduce since there is chance we might move within the next year.

sara b


This is a scrap room that my mom and I did for my sister when she was away for a few days as a surprise! It was soo much fun because she didn't know. It was our own little "while you're out" (or whatever it is called :) I am in the process of building a home so hopefully by this time next year I can share a really cool picture of my scrap space. Kelli - I have missed your posts!! Love it all, especially the clipitup but more importantly the fact that it is full of goodies!! Thanks ;)


I have been drooling over that turn thingy in the magazines for a while now...you lucky duck! I'd love to have pictures of my studio but it is still a work in progress! It gets closer every day though! One of my favorite rooms would have to be Jenni Bowlins'... www.jennibowlin.blogspot.com Love all those antiques!


I love this one that belongs to Terri Bradford.

It is so neat and tidy, which mine is not. And I love the green paint.

stacey fike

i love my room:



Here are some photos from my scrap space:

Thanks for looking!


I want a room like this when I grow up:


Kelli Johnson

so here are the three spaces I have scrap envy for


and mine:

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