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September 20, 2007


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Mark, NY


YEA a post!! I love that quote too - it is so true. One thing I tried hard to do while I was there. Enjoy the kids & whatever moment it was. Love you. Thanks for posting again. Of course a picture would have been nice. xoxoxo


yay trish!

i loved that quote too kelli! and i can't wait to see your scrap studio all finished!

Aunt Traci

Hey....can I help it that I like to see what's going on in your lives on at least a WEEKLY basis???? I miss you guys terribly and can't wait to see you! I am so excited about the possibility of you coming here for my baby shower. That would make my day. Plus, Zoey misses her FAK.

Love you all!

BTW-I went to the P.O. today to mail the kiddies' presents. Be on the lookout for a large box. xoxo

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