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April 10, 2008


Jan Kirk Wright

What a cutie pie!!! She is a doll!

lyddia pearson

What a cutie and a lovely swimsuit. I have a 20 month old boy who hasn't got to the stage of telling me what he wants to wear yet!! I have friends who have girls and they are all little divas! One in particular insists on wearing her fairytale princess dress and plastic shoes all the time when she has the most gorgeous dresses to choose from! I am always on the look out for good quality swimwear for toddlers for my childrens website -any ideas would be gratefully received.


Jeans are my life. Girls can look so cool in jeans. I bet your girl too! :) ...... Wish you all the success with your blog. Greetings

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Darlene Torris

I'm looking for a tutu swimsuit for a little girl size 7 do you carry anything like that?


That is SUCH a face that Lydia would make. And Lydia refuses to wear anything but a dress.

CORRECTION - a twirly dress.


She is gorgeous just like her mom. And such a girl.

sara b

Oh, she is so cute and grown up! I am so glad to see your posts. I have still been checking in on you :) Adorable picture too!


And she is absolutely adorable. I totally see you in her. SO cute!



it is so about time.


How cute! I know your frustration! When I was there all she would wear were the jeans! Sure glad she isn't red! Big kisses to all - so glad you are posting again!


oh. my. goodness. allie looks so grown up! and better her than me in the skinny jeans :)

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